Managing Others

Nom@d Learning has found that many managers find the transition from staff member to manager to be the most challenging of their career. Moving from being a team member or a technical expert, to working through others, requires a major shift in perspective. Different skills and behaviours are needed for a manager’s job.

Here are some of the common skills a manager needs when managing others. The topics link to example online eLearning modules from eLearning Brothers.

Communicating Effectively

Whether writing an email, sending a text, speaking to an audience, or talking on the phone, clear communication matters. Learning how to effectively get your message across is a key part of any business skillset. It takes practice and commitment to communicate effectively. To take this course to the next level, consider adding links to your own internal communication resources and templates.

Coaching Others

Coaching is an on-going, one-on-one activity between managers and employees designed to boost performance and drive success. An effective coach helps employees explore the significance and consequences of their actions, and involves them in the process of finding a solution and identifying next steps. Use the course as is, or consider adding key messages from your own leadership team. However you use it, the course will help develop the coaching skills your team members need to help your organization succeed.

Interpersonal Skills

This course raises awareness and provides beneficial practice focused on improving workplace communication, trust, and ability to give and receive feedback. For an organizational boost, consider timing delivery of this course before your next round of performance reviews.

Negotiation Skills

This course works equally well as a stand-alone training, or as part of a blended curriculum with a negotiation stretch assignment and follow-up group discussion.

Please note that nom@d learning is in no way affiliated with the developer of these eLearning modules. All content included on this page is © 2018 eLearning Brothers.

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