Matching your Career to your Interests

To increase your job satisfaction and workplace performance, align your career with your interests. Your interests are those things that you enjoy doing, and they can be separated into six broad categories:

  • Realistic. Those who enjoy working with their hands. The best careers are those that allow you to see and touch your work physically.
  • Investigative. Those who enjoy thinking through ideas and theories. The best careers involve researching, experimenting, and solving problems.
  • Artistic. Those who enjoy self-expression and creativity. The best careers involve using your imagination to construct something new.
  • Social. Those who enjoy helping others and working with people. The best careers are those that allow you to counsel, advise, teach, and assist others.
  • Enterprising. Those who enjoy taking the initiative and persuading people. The best career options allow you to influence and lead others.
  • Conventional. Those who enjoy organizing data, information, or files. The best careers are those that allow you to complete structured tasks with accuracy and precision.

Your interests play a major role in determining which career path is right for you. So, take the time to explore them. Then, look for jobs that combine your top preferences, as that’s the key to pursuing a career that aligns with your passions.

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