Receiving Feedback

Receiving constructive feedback can be a positive experience. It’s an opportunity to improve and grow, and it’s an essential part of the collaborative process.

Your team and manager want to see you succeed, and giving constructive feedback is their way of being helpful—not hurtful.

Review the following:

  • Practice all four steps of receiving feedback—listen, reflect, respond, and then act. Don’t skip steps or rearrange their order.
  • Ask targeted, non-combative questions to better understand feedback or elicit more actionable suggestions from the other party.
  • Be receptive and remain open to feedback. Thank the other person for sharing. Don’t be defensive or otherwise react negatively.

If you receive feedback that’s muddled or confusing, try summarising what the other person said, and repeat it back to them in your own words.

Then ask, “Did I get that right?” Or, “Do I understand you correctly?”

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