Seeking Feedback

Feedback can help you advance your career, develop your skills, and create better results.

That’s why the most successful managers and employees make a habit of seeking regular feedback from their peers.

They decide what kind of feedback would be most valuable to them, and then reach out to the right person with a specific question to solicit it.

They also know when to ask clarifying questions or press for examples to make feedback more useful or actionable.

The more feedback you ask for, the more feedback you’ll get.

Be proactive, demonstrate your initiative, and gain a reputation as someone who is always hungry to learn about how they could add more value to their team or improve.  

Are you a remote worker? 

If so, you’ll need to be even more proactive about seeking and asking for feedback.

Remote teams have fewer opportunities to exchange quick, informal feedback face-to-face.

Don’t hesitate to reach out through messaging apps or emails, or to ask to hop on a 10-minute phone call to debrief.

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