Career Management

Career management is an important part of everybody’s working life. It begins with assessing your strengths and skills. Once you have done that you can work on building strong working relationships with your boss and coworkers. Whatever happens on your working journey, it is important to know how and why networking is important. At times you may find you need mentoring to overcome challenges or grow. Whatever you do, always continue to develop a plan for yourself and know what kind of career it is you wish to follow – one where you manage others or act as a contributor as part of a team. Sometimes things don’t work out and you may need to find a new job either within or outside your existing workplace.

Assessing Your Strengths and Skills

Working Relationships

  • Building Strong Work Relationships with Your Coworkers
  • Building a Strong Working Relationship with Your Boss
  • Repairing a Broken Work Relationship
  • Working With People You Don’t Like

Finding a New Job

  • Signs It’s Time to Find a New Job
  • Creating a Resume
  • Writing a Cover Letter
  • Job Interview Preparation and Tips
  • How to Respond to Common Interview Questions
  • Deciding If Remote Work Is Right for You 
  • How to Look for a New Job


  • What is Networking, and Why Is It Important?
  • Navigating a Business Networking Event
  • How to Develop a Winning Elevator Pitch
  • How to Develop a Professional Network
  • How to Maintain Your Professional Network

Mentoring in the Workplace 

  • What Is a Mentor and How Do You Find One?
  • How to Be a Model Mentee
  • A Guide to Mentoring Others
  • Common Mentoring Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Overcoming Challenges

  • Dos and Don’ts After Losing Your Job
  • Coming Back from a Big Mistake
  • What to Do When You’re Feeling Unmotivated
  • Coping with Workplace Change
  • Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
  • Strategies for Working Remotely
  • Overcoming the Fear of Failure 
  • Getting Noticed at Work 

Driving Your Career 

  • What Is Career Development and How Can You Drive Your Career?
  • How to Create a Career Development Plan
  • Getting the Most Out of One-on-One Meetings with Your Manager
  • Increasing Your Value at Work
  • Asking for a Raise
  • Taking Control of Your Personal Brand at Work
  • Preparing for your Performance Review
  • How to Transfer Jobs Within Your Company
  • Choose Your Track: Manager or Individual Contributor? 

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