What is Communication and Why Does it Matter?

As a professional, you work with people. The ways in which you interact with others on a professional basis are endless.

Communication is that interaction between people.

Communication happens face to face, via email, a memo, a formal report, a photograph, a letter, a tweet, a blog post, a meeting, or an informal discussion. As long as one person is sending a message and another person is receiving it, communication is occurring.

The successful professional communicates effectively.

Effective communication happens when your audience understands your meaning in the way in which you meant it to be understood.

Communication is one of the main skills employers most value in professionals.

Communicating well, so that others understand your meaning, has multiple benefits for professionals and their workplaces:

  • employee satisfaction
  • increased productivity
  • effective problem-solving and conflict management
  • good customer relations

Communication matters not only to the functioning of an organisation, but also personally, to you as a professional. 

Those who communicate clearly and appropriately are more apt to have their ideas and comments heard and respected.

Professionals who communicate clearly and appropriately are more apt to be sought after and chosen for a project, a grant, or many different types of benefits.

Another personal benefit of learning about effective professional communication is the set of transferable skills that you can apply to other aspects of your experience, from talking with your manager, to asking for a refund for a less-than-advertised product, to writing emails and blog posts.

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