The implementation phase develops procedures for training facilitators and learners. Training facilitators cover the course curriculum, learning outcomes, method of delivery, and testing procedures. Preparation for learners includes training them on new tools (software or hardware) and student registration. Implementation includes evaluation of the design.

Nom@d learning projects

Nom@d learning past projects include developing procedures for training facilitators and learners.

Department of Education – Melbourne Victoria


  • Training sessions for Internal DET VSBA Atrium Project Team and Corporate Users to gather initial feedback about the training materials and course structure.
  • Evaluation of the suitability of the Atrium training materials according to feedback from the above sessions (and discussion with the DET ITTC Manager).
  • Rework of Atrium training materials following the evaluation.
  • ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions for established DET ITTC Delivery Team (13 Trainers) to enable them to become Atrium Trainers.
  • Quick reference guides to support Schools’ Release Atrium training sessions.
  • ESM and Routine Maintenance compliance materials to incorporate as resource materials for Atrium course delivery.

Analysis > Design > Development > Implementation > Evaluation

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