Team Management

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New Manager

How to Transition from Peer to Boss

Managing People with More Experience Than You

Team Dynamics

Introduction to Team Dynamics and Why They Matter

Common Roles in a Team

Characteristics of High-Performing Teams  

Tips for Improving Team Dynamics

Understanding and Leveraging Different Work Styles

Managing the Multigenerational Workplace

Developing Your Team

  • A Manager’s Role In Career Development
  • The Four Stages of Team Development
  • How to Conduct a Gap Analysis
  • Choosing the Right Training Methods
  • Developing Your Team Through Coaching
  • How to Conduct Effective One-on-Ones
  • Getting to Know Employees’ Strength, Interests, and Values

Team Culture

  • What Is Team Culture and Why Does It Matter?
  • Types of Team Cultures
  • Assessing Your Team Culture
  • Creating a Strengths-Based Culture
  • Building a Positive Team Culture
  • Transforming a Negative Team Culture

Delegating Tasks

Motivating Your Team

  • What is Motivation?
  • Factors that Influence Motivation
  • Improving Employees’ Job Satisfaction to Increase Motivation
  • 6 Strategies to Motivate Employees
  • Celebrating Wins

Performance Management

  • What is Performance Management?
  • Tips for Improving Poor Performance
  • How to Develop a Performance Improvement Plan
  • Managing High Performers
  • Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
  • Giving Effective Employee Feedback
  • Handling Difficult Reactions to Feedback
  • How to Effectively Manage Managers
  • Continuous Performance Management

Resolving Conflict

  • Common Causes of Conflict in the Workplace  
  • Understanding How People Deal With Conflict  
  • 6 Steps to Mediate Conflict Between Employees  
  • Conflict Resolution Tips and Techniques  
  • Dealing With Frustrated or Angry Employees  
  • A Manager’s Guide to Dealing With Abusive Behavior 

Managing Remote Teams

  • Hiring Exceptional Remote Talent  
  • Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams  
  • Communicating with Remote Teams  
  • Increasing Accountability on Remote Teams  
  • Keeping Remote Workers Connected 

Letting an Employee Go

  • Good Reasons for Letting an Employee Go  
  • Steps to Take Before Letting an Employee Go  
  • How to Tell an Employee They’re Fired  
  • Mitigating Legal Risks When Letting an Employee Go  
  • Reassuring Your Team After Someone Is Let Go 

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