At nom@d learning I believe the first “cab off the rank” question should be, “who is my audience”. This is important because I need to gather information about my audience, and what tasks they are expected to complete. At this stage, I am interested in knowing how the learners will view the content, and what the client expects me to deliver on the project’s overall goals. Adult learners expect me to classify the information to make the content more applicable and successful.

During the analysis I am trying to address the following:

  • Who is the primary target audience for the course?
  • What are the learning goals I aim to achieve?
  • What are the physical and organisational constraints?
  • What are the technical requirements of the course?
  • What are the structural characteristics of the course?
  • How accessible are the requisite knowledge sources?
  • What criteria will be used for assessment?

Analysis > Design > Development > Implementation > Evaluation

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