The evaluation phase consists of two aspects: formative and summative. Formative evaluation is present in each stage of the ADDIE process, while summative evaluation is conducted on finished instructional programs or products.

Nom@d learning projects

Nom@d learning past projects include:

Department of Education – Melbourne Victoria


  • Formative evaluation (as described earlier with feedback on course design and structure/ training materials from internal DET VSBA Atrium Project Team and Corporate Users training sessions).
  • Evaluation of the suitability of the Atrium training materials according to feedback from the above sessions (and discussion with the DET ITTC Manager).
  • Formative participant training workshop evaluation form (provided at the start of each session – participants were encouraged to complete it during the training).

Summative evaluation including management reports as described below:

  • Tranche 1 and Tranche 2 training evaluation reports which included detailed qualitative and quantitative analyses (gathered from the training workshop evaluation forms and details below). Both reports were divided into two sections: an executive summary and an appendix:

The Executive Summary provided answers to the following questions:

  • Feedback on facilities (room/amenities) etc.
  • Which schools attended?
  • Who was representing each of the schools?
  • What worked well?
  • What did not work well?
  • Review feedback and comments from each school
  • Comments on agenda (too long/too short, what needs to change etc.)
  • Lessons learnt
  • Any follow-up questions or feedback from the schools

Appendix A contained supporting evidence with details of attendance and feedback for the following:

  • Training administration
  • Training analysis and Help Desk support
  • Pre-course assessment of existing competencies
  • Trainer/workshop analysis
  • Participant attendance
  • Participant evaluation
  • Number of evaluations returned
  • Evaluation responses – Tranche 1
  • Evaluation responses – Tranche 2
  • Consolidated quantitative feedback (statistics)

Analysis > Design > Development > Implementation > Evaluation

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