HR: Attracting and Hiring Diverse Talent

Despite the benefits, many companies struggle to make a significant impact when trying to attract and hire a diverse staff. Often, these problems stem from two primary causes.

First, a business may unintentionally deter candidates from diverse backgrounds from applying.

Second, talent-acquisition teams may ignore applicants because of conscious and unconscious bias. 

To improve your diversity recruiting efforts and overcome those roadblocks, remember these five tips: 

  1. Check job descriptions for bias
  2. Increase your diversity branding
  3. Build a diverse talent-acquisition team
  4. Hold anti-bias training
  5. Practice de-identified hiring

Diversity hiring doesn’t start when there’s a job opening. To make an impact, you need to think long-term.

Follow the five tips and make diversity recruiting an ongoing business strategy, and you’ll reap ongoing rewards as a result.

Increase your awareness. Diversity recruiting is about awareness. Take a look at where you’re falling short.

How can you improve your company image?

What biases are getting in the way?

Once you’re aware of where you need to improve, you can then take action to attract and hire a wider range of applicants.

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