Asking for a Raise

If you want to earn more money, you need to increase your value to the company.

That’s why planning your compensation growth goes hand-in-hand with planning your career growth.

Pursue opportunities to expand your role, take on more responsibility, achieve consistently higher performance outcomes, or make your company more profitable.

If you feel that an increase is warranted, schedule some time to chat with your manager face-to-face. Be prepared to present your evidence in a clear and logical way.

Highlight your accomplishments, list your additional responsibilities, and share performance outcomes data that directly demonstrates your added value to the company.

Convince your manager that your contribution to the company pays for itself. 

Remember that you’re not guaranteed a raise just because you ask for one. If there isn’t justification for a raise, then ask your manager to help you create a career development plan and identify what you can do to increase your value to the company.

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