Managing Risk

Nom@d Learning has found that many managers find the transition from staff member to manager to be the most challenging of their careers. Moving from being a team member or a technical expert to working through others, requires a major shift in perspective. Different skills and behaviours are needed for a manager’s job.

Here are some of the common skills a manager needs when managing risk. The topics link to example online eLearning modules from EdApp.

Business Ethics

Some situations that push ethical boundaries are obvious—others less so. The definition of “ethics” varies dramatically among industries, and rules change when dealing with governmental agencies or international employees or customers. Savvy companies offer an annual ethical conduct compliance refresher course with up-to-date scenarios supporting the most current policies.

This course provides a solid framework to raise awareness and address hot-button issues unique to your business and industry.

Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment is defined as conduct that creates a work environment that would be intimidating, hostile, or offensive to reasonable people. Training is the answer to avoiding workplace harassment. Educate your managers and employees to recognise and mitigate situations that could be construed as harassment.

This course offers participants the opportunity to plan and prepare to lead a focused, effective meeting. The investment in this course will pay dividends every time employees meet.

Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal conflict is a natural outcome of people working together. Contrasting work styles or simple personality differences can escalate a minor irritation into an office altercation with far-reaching, negative ripple effects. Left unchecked, this negativity can have costly consequences in lost productivity and increased employee turnover, or potentially even escalate out of control.

This course will teach your employees how to CATCH interpersonal conflict early and manage it long before it gets out of hand.

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