Using Creativity in the Workplace

If you have been wondering why creativity is a business buzzword, you’re not alone.

Nearly every aspect of the gig economy, from Uber and AirBnB to corporate consultancy, focuses on this ability to innovate, to think outside of the box and question conventional wisdom.

This is because creativity is one of the key abilities for surviving the ups and downs of the coming decade.

In addition to mastering technical skills, organisations need people who can creatively approach problems and tasks across all business roles, from software engineering to HR. In fact, data from Burning Glass shows a 200 percent increase in creative positions (arts administration, graphic design, advertising) since 1997.

Planning for an increasingly creative world is requiring many businesses to rethink their talent development initiatives.

Recognising the need to essentially re-skill workers, Nom@d Learning is focused on this changing workforce landscape, researching creative assessment tools to measure the creative thinking abilities of individuals and teams across industries.

Online tools and assessments such as Creative Skill Check provide a method to assess the creative thinking abilities of employees and prospective candidates. In fact, companies like Microsoft and IBM use creative tools in the recruitment process to gauge the creativity of prospective candidates.

Creativity in the workplace is not easily defined; it’s a state of mind, and many companies have a culture that discourages it because they believe it leads to unnecessary complications, or they doubt its ability to produce tangible results.

But you can’t be productive without creativity, and you’ll lose out on opportunities for big wins if you downplay its importance.

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