Why Leaders Don’t Delegate

You might be shocked at how tough it is to get started with delegation. Your reasons for not delegating could be incorrect, but they could also be well-intentioned:

  • You aspire to be successful.
  • You desire a successful completion of the work.
  • The details are important to you.
  • You don’t want your team to feel overworked.

Delegation helps you keep your sanity and retain your good name as a leader. Yet it’s a skill that many people find difficult.

Why? Oftentimes, it’s because they are led astray by their own assumptions.

Begin by examining the following common objections:

  • I can do it better myself.
  • My people simply lack the necessary abilities.
  • Explaining what I want takes much too long.
  • I’ll still be held liable if things go wrong.
  • Delegation takes away some of my power.
  • If they do an excellent job, I’ll be exposed.
  • My team prefers for me to make the decisions.

The goal is to figure out how to overcome your concerns and use delegation to better carry out your desires.

The key takeaways

  • Although delegation is a leader’s responsibility, it’s sometimes difficult to master.
  • Review assumptions that are often stopping you from delegating to others.
  • Trust in your team to deliver tasks with proper care and detail.
  • Overcome your concerns and use delegation to better carry out your desires.

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