The importance of Delegation

In business, doing is often seen as more important than leading, as doing generates the results that fuel the engine of growth. This is true for the company and its team. It is also true for the individual.

Delegation is a vital team management skill for managers, and a key leadership tool that helps companies achieve win-win-win outcomes.

As a team manager, delegation allows you to spend your time and energy on the high-level tasks that require your knowledge the most.

At the team level, delegation helps your team members grow in their career by allowing them to take initiative for a project they are interested in while still receiving support from you, their manager.

Given the benefits of good delegation, many managers have the instinct to delegate tasks liberally. But there are some managers who go too far and delegate tasks to the point that they are no longer managing at all!

Delegation is an art, requiring you to strike a balance between taking advantage of your team’s capabilities and staying in control of the project.

The key takeaways


  • Helps achieve win-win-win outcomes.
  • Allows more time for managers to address high-level tasks that require their knowledge the most.
  • Increases team efficiency, productivity, and organisational resilience.

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