Team Management Tips & Techniques

Teams confront a variety of difficulties. Make sure that poor leadership isn’t one of them. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t for your team, and stick to the following basic team management principles:

  • Make your communications more targeted.
  • Don’t be stingy with the information you give your team.
  • Ask your team questions and help them figure out the solutions on their own.
  • Encourage your staff to try new things.
  • Promote common goals while treating team members as individuals with their own plans and aspirations.
  • Regularly provide feedback.
  • Recognise and acknowledge your team’s outstanding efforts or outcomes.
  • Team tasks should be tailored to each individual’s strengths.
  • Give your staff leadership opportunity through delegating.

Team managers learn how to extract the best in others and help them shine, similar to how a diamond is transformed from raw material to a cut and polished stone.

Performance appraisals should include a part on teamwork. Performance reviews should be used to measure not only individual performance but also how well people interact and where they offer value to the team. It will provide team members a greater awareness of their own capabilities and how they may better assist their teammates. It will also show them that teamwork is highly valued.

The key takeaways

  • Make communication targeted.
  • Provide your team with good information.
  • Ask team questions and help members provide solutions.
  • Encourage new things.
  • Recognise and acknowledge your team.
  • Provide leadership opportunity through delegation.
  • Include teamwork in performance appraisals to demonstrate that it is highly valued.

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