Creating a Strengths-Based Culture

A strengths-based culture lays the foundation for a versatile, talented workforce. But what does it take to build such a culture? The key is to weave a strengths-based mentality throughout all organisational levels.

There are 5 strategies Gallup suggests to create this empowering culture by setting a foundational strategy and structure for it.

Leadership alignment: setting the stage for a Strengths-based culture. This has to start at the top, and those at the top need to buy in for the culture change to be effective.

Management alignment: developing teams and employees through the lens of Strengths. People don’t leave companies as much as they leave managers. Finding the right people to manage is essential — and challenging — and they must be empowered with the tools to develop employees.

Internal communication: generating awareness and enthusiasm for Strengths. This can be fun and involve t-shirts, StrengthsFinder happy hours with Strengths-based activities or posting the Strengths of team members where everyone can see them.

Coaching: building a network of Strengths experts and advocates. Incorporate a few on-site Strengths advocates to act as resources for your team. This assures everyone that your organization is serious about sustaining Strengths.

Performance management: focusing on development and recognition of employee Strengths. Performance plans are out; development plans are in. Understanding the most powerful way to encourage the development of employees, using Strengths, improves both morale and performance.

Strengths community: making Strengths an integral and natural part of the organization’s day-to-day policies and rituals. Using a team grid, considering who may be best at what task through a Strengths lens, and incorporating the language in meetings are all ways to build the community around this shared language.

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