Managing Self

Nom@d Learning has found that many managers find the transition from staff member to manager to be the most challenging of their career. Moving from being a team member or a technical expert, to working through others, requires a major shift in perspective. Different skills and behaviours are needed for a manager’s job.

Here are some of the common skills a manager needs when managing themselves. The topics link to example online eLearning modules from eLearning Brothers.

Stress Management

Stress isn’t just a personal issue; it’s also a personnel issue. Unmanaged stress has a negative impact on personal relationships, work performance, absenteeism, and health.

This course helps participants recognise their own stress triggers, and provides tools to better manage stress in their work and personal lives.

Show you are committed to improving employee health and quality of life.

Work-Life Balance

Employees with lives out of balance are at greater risk for burnout, disengagement, and absenteeism. There’s no secret formula for balancing the demands of work with those of home and family life. Work-Life Balance can only be accomplished through clarity in personal purpose and priorities.

This course will help employees hone in on what matters most to them, and develop strategies for setting priorities for using time in personally meaningful ways.

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