Launching nom@d learning blog

Hi and welcome to my new website nom@d learning blog.

I’m Keith Williams, and last December, I entered into the big world of IT contracting, having spent many years working in local government, specifically IT and lastly Learning and Organisational Development for Victorian Courts and Tribunals.

In July 2017, I launched this website to promote my services and to share knowledge and tips that I have picked up on what I like to call…

A journey through the world of lifelong learning…”

I am passionate about using learning technology to assist organisations improve staff capability. My other passion is in volunteering my services to disadvantaged people. I see everyone as someone, no matter what or how they percieve themselves. I believe there should be no barriers to learn something new. If people give up on learning, they give up on life. Believe me, never give up!

Over the years I have provided quality learning solutions based on traditional and agilelearning design. At nom@d learning blog, I aim to create online learning content that uses responsive design, adapting to any delivery platform: PC, Tablet or Smart phone and work seamlessly across Windows, Android or iOS.

What I offer:

For further information, or to discuss your learning and development needs, leave a reply below.

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