What is responsive design?

Over the past 5 years in Australia we have seen a massive uptake of smartphones and tablets, there’s been a massive tsunami how people access and consume content.

Nowadays, people expect better performance, easier engagement and greater expectations: yes, everyone wants to be able to access content (web, video, learning or whatever) on all of their devices, without compromise – by that we mean full experience, not some ‘dumbed down’ version’.

Video created by Roberto Blake. Please subscribe to his channel here.

Content creators are turning to flexible, dynamic layouts that work on all devices, to distribute rich content to mobile devices as well as desktops. This approach is known as responsive web design because the layout responds to the device’s viewport size and browser.

The flexibility offered by responsive design benefits both developer and user rather than offering multiple versions of a site or application. The biggest benefit to the developer is that only one fully featured site needs to be developed.

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