HR: What Is DIBs and Its Workplace Impact?

DIBs is an acronym that stands for diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Diversity is the representation of different groups, both seen and unseen.

Inclusion is when everyone is invited to join and given equal opportunities.

Belonging is when employees feel accepted. They’re part of the team and can be their true selves.

Companies with diverse workforces, inclusive environments, and belonging cultures hold a distinct advantage.

A DIBs workplace attracts top talent, boosts loyalty and engagement, and fosters productivity through free expression. It removes groupthink mentalities and maximises innovation. And it’s something that every business—regardless of its industry—should strive toward. 

Do employees feel like they belong? Having a diverse and inclusive staff isn’t enough. To create a thriving DIBs environment, your employees must also feel like they belong. Take a look around your workplace. Conduct anonymous surveys.

Does everyone have a strong sense of belonging? If not, your diversity and inclusion efforts will continue falling short.

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