Delegating the Right Tasks to the Right People

When you’re delegating work, you must carefully consider your options. Give projects to those people who share your company’s passion and enthusiasm for the task.

What factors do I need to consider?

You also need to consider the capabilities, skills, and experience of the person you are choosing. While balancing these factors is more challenging than delegating more routine activities, the results are worth it.

Employers assigning tasks based on their employees’ backgrounds may not be as wise as they think.

Sure, you may have hired your staff based on what they know or who they are, but that alone is not a sufficient reason to rely on them for every assignment that crosses your desk.

How do I give my team the chance to excel?

In any organisation, the key to success is delegation. The goal of any leader should be to give every employee the opportunity to excel in their position.

Give them training and support, and delegate tasks that play to their skills and interests. This is the most effective way to motivate your team, and to ensure that nothing stands between a motivated employee and an amazing project.

Whats in it for me if I spend time training staff?

Working in the right capacity for your department or company will ultimately help you achieve work/life balance, too.

You’ll find that training for new roles can finally begin to speed up, your staff will be more productive in their positions, and you’ll be able to turn leadership responsibilities over to someone else.

The key takeaways

  • Carefully select the people to whom you distribute work. Match the task’s needs to your team’s interests, skills, and available bandwidth.
  • When you find someone who has the time, interest, drive, and capacity to take on the assignment, you know you’ve discovered the appropriate person.
  • Someone who is overburdened with projects, unenthusiastic about their employment, or ill-equipped to excel at it is a lousy match.
  • Factor in the professional development of your staff while making your decision.

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