Towards 2020. The future world for work, learning and employment?

Since the mass uptake of smartphones and tablets, there’s been a sea change in how people access and consume content. This is reflected in changing expectations: users want to access the same content on all their devices, rather than accepting a stripped down ‘mobile version’.

As we head towards 2020, I am convinced that more powerful smartphones with long battery life, a 6 inch screen, and ability to deliver responsive eLearning content with 4K video content will become the norm.

PC, iOS, and Android operating systems will embrace the successor to HTML 5, and LRS will become an expected SaS platform for education.

Badges, Credentialing and Leaderboard Gaming will become important for employment. Recruitment will be AI based, automated without the need for interviews as we know them in 2018.

Storytelling will be used in business settings, and those studying degrees, will need to integrate storytelling in to their studies, reports and final exams.

AI will become a sought after skill in every industry, taught in schools, expanded at University, embraced within business.

Data mining, statistical analysis and reporting will grow at an expotential rate. Companies and Organisations will fully understand their shortfalls, their strengths and how to predict success.

These are but a few thoughts I have had recently.

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