What is Motivation?

Motivation is the force that propels people to take action. It refers to the underlying factors or forces that motivate you to work towards a goal that is important to you.

The success of your team is determined by a combination of ability and motivation. They must have the necessary skills and resources, but they must also be motivated to take action.

Motivation and organisational outcomes, such as productivity and employee work satisfaction, are inextricably linked. Consider the following intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that you could use to motivate your team:

Internal motivators are known as intrinsic motivators. Internal motivations include the desire to develop, make a difference, attain a goal, or take pride in one’s work. Individually interesting or engaging work is also an intrinsic motivator.

External motivators are known as extrinsic motivators. External rewards can include monetary incentives, status, recognition, or respect.

Team members’ motivations can differ. What motivates you may not be the same as what inspires your colleagues. That’s why it’s critical to talk to your team about their motives, observe their behaviours, try out new techniques, and check in with them on a regular basis.

Add and subtract. Identifying which elements contribute to — or detract from — employee satisfaction is a simple method to approach motivation.

Employee satisfaction may be increased by factors such as autonomy and equity, whereas employee satisfaction may be decreased by problems such as uncertainty and bureaucracy. Then, strive to improve the things that contribute to satisfaction while reducing the ones that detract from it.

The key takeaways

Motivation is what drives people to act. It refers to the underlying influences or forces that initiate behaviour and move you to work toward something of value to you.

Motivation and business outcomes like productivity and employee job satisfaction go hand in hand.

Consider the different ways that you might inspire your team through intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

What motivates you may not motivate your team, so it’s important to understand your team’s motivations.

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